No Place Like Home
Pet Sitting & Dog Walking

Pet Care Services Available
Feeding and fresh water                      Bringing in mail and newspapers                    
Giving medications                              Watering indoor houseplants                                   
Playtime with pets                              Altering drapes, blinds and lights                    
Litter box cleaning                             Dog walks (on leashes only)
Feeding fish                                       Mid-day piddle and play breaks
Rates - Effective January 1, 2017
Initial consultation - No charge
*$18.00 charge will apply if additional client meeting/trips to your home are required after initial
consultation prior to first pet sitting visit.  Service will only be provided after the free "get
acquainted" visit.
Pet sitting visits - visits are 30 - 45 minutes long
1 visit per day - $18.00  (for up to three pets)
2 visits per day - $36.00  (for up to three pets)
3 visits per day - $54.00  (for up to three pets)
*Additional pets are $3.00 each per visit.  Inside dogs without outside access must be seen a
minimum of twice a day.  Outside pets or those with outside access may only need one visit per day.
*Visits lasting one hour or more will be charged at the rate of $25.00 per hour.
*Late night visits (after 9 pm) and/or early morning visits (before 7:30 am) will be charged an
additional $5.00 fee in additional to the regular fee.

Daily dog walks - Monday - Friday  (mid-day 20 minute walk while you are at work)
$16.00 -  for up to two dogs (each additional dog is $3.00 each)
*Dogs must be from the same household, all dogs are required to be on leashes during walks.  
Clients who book regular Monday - Friday dog walking services on a monthly basis will receive a 5%
discount off the total monthly fee.

Mid-day "piddle & play break" - visits are 20 - 25 minutes long
$16.00 per day - for up to two dogs (each additional dog is $3.00 each)
This service is perfect for dogs whose owners are away at work all day and who just need a potty
break and some playtime and TLC.  Clients booking on a monthly basis will receive a 5% discount
off the total monthly fee.  

Other services available
Overnight service -available on a limited basis to established clients only - starts at $60.00 per
night - please inquire.
Emergency key lockout - No charge  (Available only to clients who have their house key retained by
this service.)  Cheaper than a locksmith!
Key retainer service -  your house key will be kept on file, thus eliminating return trips to pick up
and drop off keys for future pet sitting services.  All keys retained are coded (no client name or
address) and locked in a key repository for client's safety and confidentiality.   Keys will be
returned to client (after returning home) at no charge, if client chooses not to participate in the
key retainer service.

Have a question about something else you don't see - just ask!  Services can be customized to fit
your pet's needs.
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Please spay or neuter
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