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About Me
About My Business

No Place Like Home Pet Sitting & Dog Walking is a new pet sitting service
located in LaGrange, Georgia.  I am the owner/sitter, Patricia DeWitt.  Animals
have always been a lifelong passion of mine, starting with a tiny little Boston
Terrier puppy that I adamantly refused to let go of in a pet store when I was
six years old.  Since then, many dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, goats, horses and
donkeys have lovingly allowed me to be a part of their lives, for which I am most
grateful, for life without animals would be no life at all, at least for me.  These
special creatures, which God has blessed us with, deserve all the love and
comfort we can give them.  It is my mission to provide this loving care for your
pets in the comfort of their own home, when you are not able to be there
yourself to care for them.  It is my passion for animals that drives me to
provide the best care possible for that special member of your family.
I began pet sitting as a business  while living in Texas.  Living on farms for the
past seventeen years has given me a lot of valuable experience in caring for and
handling many different animals and it just seemed natural to turn my passion
and experience for animals into a business.  I had already been "pet sitting" for
family and friends anyway.  It's been said that if you can find a way to make a
living doing whatever you are passionate about, you will never work another day
in your life.  For me that dream has come true.  
Our pets thrive on human companionship, being very social creatures.  It can be
stressful and confusing when their daily routines are upset by having to leave
their own environment for one that is unfamiliar.  Hiring a pet sitter while you
are away provides your pet with stress free human interaction.  I hope to have
the opportunity to care for your pets.  Thank you for your interest in No Place
Like Home Pet Sitting & Dog Walking.
Some very special
members of my family...
Save a life...adopt a
shelter animal today!

Please spay or neuter
you pet!
In memory of Bridget, who went
to wait at the Rainbow Bridge
for me on January 28th, 2009
RIP, Buddy.  You brought me much joy and
I will miss you terribly.  Went to wait for me
at the Rainbow Bridge on April 16, 2012.